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Bands - find your band and get guidance by expert coaches

Our team specializes in connecting you with the perfect bandmates. Imagine guided sessions in top-notch studios and, when it feels right, fun concerts for you to showcase your passion. With us, it's all about having a blast while playing the best songs we all love.

How to Start your journey at Bands: START HERE

1. Sign up for a Audition

we will arrange a brief meeting with an experienced coach. This meeting will take place at one of our partner Berlin studios and will help us evaluate your musical background and availability. We will provide all the necessary instruments, so all you need to do is come and play with us. Typically, these meetings last no more than 20 minutes. Moreover, this meeting is private so that you can feel comfortable playing in the most supportive environment.

2. Get a match with your future band

Following the meeting, we will match you with the best bandmates tailored to your preferences!

3. Enrollment for our program

Once you enroll in our program, you will have the chance to indulge in musical playing and have a great time! The program is divided into weekly two-hour sessions, during which our expert coaches will assist you in learning how to play cover versions of your favorite songs. All sessions will be conducted in fully equipped studios with state-of-the-art equipment and recorded and shared with you!

4. Play at festivals 

At the end of each period, there is a festival where all the bands perform together, and you can invite friends, family members, colleagues, and more. These performances are recorded and videotaped!

5. Additional services

Additional services include free admission to our regular monthly jam session, joining our community group, and social events. You can also hold recording sessions, private performances, and many other musical activities!

​Sign up for an Audition and evaluate your musicality: BOOK NOW

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